Visual identity

The 3 cutting edge trends


Geometric shapes

Graphic design

Use simple and clean geometric shapes.

The madness of the Glitch effect

Technical website design

Glitching in visual identity is about manipulating digital disruption.

Web interface


Micro-interactions are part of a brand's identity.

Google search engine optimisation

The secrets of a successful web project


Thanks to natural referencing, you can generate business in a sustainable way. Regardless of your business activity, SEO is an indispensable acquisition channel for an Internet portal. If you follow good SEO practices, search engines can index, crawl and interpret your content more easily. The website benefits from effective SEO work that has a significant impact on user experience and performance.

natural referencing
advertising or sponsored links

Paid referencing

The essentials for increasing traffic to your site


Also known as advertising or sponsored links, paid referencing is a system of advertisements consisting in making purchases by bidding on keywords. Its objective is to appear in a good position in the area dedicated to advertising. The digital strategy of the website has benefited from SEO and SEA work. This has enabled the web portal to enjoy good visibility on the web.

Why are social networks so important?

Social media allow you to manage customer relations, find new prospects, manage your online reputation, boost your reputation and the visibility of a brand. Essential to a good marketing strategy, these tools allow you to establish a dialogue with the community. They develop social relationships leading to virality. The main social media include: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Web design

The essentials for a successful professional website

Website design

A 100% responsive website

The design of a 100% responsive website has significant advantages.


responsive website


A web design in your image

Create a web design that reflects your image to make your visual communication successful.

A reliable technical site

Create a fast, customisable, secure, functional site with a professional look and feel.


A reliable technical site

Digital strategy

New techniques at your disposal

Web marketing

Snackable Content

The notion of snackable content is aimed at a B2B content marketing policy. This media content can be appreciated instantly.

Voice marketing

Voice marketing is a term that legitimately fits in with audio marketing. Voice bots are innovative means of communication.

Customer experience

The customer experience is the set of interactions between the customer and the brand. It is essential for the marketing strategy of companies.

SEO audit

Regular and detailed analysis of your site

SEO monitoring

Thanks to the monitoring of SEO positions, you can easily detect problems of loss of ranking or de-indexation of your websites. To be profitable, it is important to appear in the first positions on Google through queries related to your sector of activity. In this way, you can increase your organic traffic. To help you follow the evolution of your keywords, you can use a specific software.

Web ergonomics geared towards the user experience

Make your digital project a success by ensuring that the user experience is at the centre of your communication strategy. Implement a UX strategy and measure the quality of the ergonomics of your websites. By working on the user experience, you ensure the comfort of your Internet portal. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer to achieve a good UX design.

Your website is an indispensable tool!

A real communication lever